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Tuesday Traveling Division Week 1 Matchups

Tuesday Traveling Division Week 1 Matchups



BYE vs Hoopers Slate Slayers

Marcs Nightlife Bunneymen vs Marinos Pool Fiction

Charleys Break Em Hard vs Loft Lost Again

Masons Benchwarmers vs Snap Payback

Bullshooters Bulldawgs vs Bullshooters Montanans


* Bullshooters match will not play.  Will need to make up on make up match night Nov 19th or sooner.


Tuesday & Wednesday Traveling

Captains:  Envelope drop off points are Bullshooters - Snap Lounge.  It is the visiting teams responsibility to take the envelope to one of these bars by the next day.  We are having issues with missing envelopes and trying to track them down.  Please make sure your team members are paying their dues on time and your team does not fall into arrears.  Once you are short $80 you will no longer receive stats.  You will have one week to bring the shortage back under $80 or possible be removed form the league.  Dues at that point will be forfeit and non refundable.

Please keep in mind this is the captains responsibility to the league and all of its members as it affects payouts for everyone.  If you or your team are dropped due to shortages you will not be eligible to play in AHSPL in the future.


Thanks for your partership!


Tuesday Night Handicapped Stats Updated

The Tuesday state  have been updated. The only matches outstanding are two make up matches between the Montanans and Kitty's and Montanans vs Pool Fiction.


Tuesday / Wednesday Banquet and Payout Party

Bullshooters will be hosting the Tuesday and Wednesday Traveling divisions banquets and Payout parties.  The date will be Tuesday the 21st 7pm.  We will be on the front 5 Diamond bar tables.  Due to both Sophia and I playing on Wednesdays we will host both evenings on this night.  We hope you can all attend and enjoy the festivities crowning of champions with both divisions.

See you all this next Tuesday!



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